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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
Sick of this grip excuse. ENOUGH ALREADY PEOPLE! Ok, it's due to a poor grip. You're basically saying Glocks are junk because they require perfect shooting fundamentals to operate correctly. None of my other guns do.

Does hickok45 have a poor grip? Go watch some of his Glock videos and see how poorly cases eject. I've posted many examples of this, with specific time references in the video. By contrast, watch any of his videos with other makes (Sig, HK, S&W) and you will rarely (basically never) see poor ejection.
I agree. Glocks are supposed to be fighting pistols. If perfect technique is required to get them to function properly then there is something wrong. Chances are when you are fighting to save your life you aren't going to have a perfect grip or stance. You might even have to shoot weak handed and even then without full use of that arm. Or maybe there is blood or sweat all over your hands and you can't get a firm grip on the gun. Or if you have a guy on top of you trying to beat you to death, there's no way you are gonna get a proper firm grip with both hands and get into a weaver stance. So I think an argument can be made that Glock is dropping the ball here.

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