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Sorry to hear you are experiencing the BTF issue with your new 21. I bought a G22 Gen 4 last week and I've put approximately 150 rounds through it with hopefully another 100 later this week. I haven't had any brass hit me in the face yet but I have had a couple of rounds of WWB eject vertically and land at my feet while shooting single handed. However there are plenty of others who have had BTF with their .40s and 9mms recently and I don't discount their stories just because mine hasn't done it. But then I really haven't put many rounds through mine yet. And now you are reporting it with your 21. More I hear about this, the more I think it is a multivariate issue. Could be the ejector, extractor, ammo, shooter's grip, ejection port design, crud built up in the chamber, etc. These are all possible explanations I've seen offered at one time or another.

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