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Glock 21 Gen4 Erratic Ejection Thread

I have a G21 Gen4. I now have 300rds through it with numerous brass to the head, face and shoulder. Im not sure if I am the only one with this problem, or the only one to admit it, but it is happening. Hopefully others will come foward.

1st range trip:
100rds AE FMJ 230gr at indoor range. Did notice brass to the head/face/shoulder. Did not pay attention because I am so used to brass bouncing off the partitions and hitting me.

2nd range trip:
50rds PMC FMJ 230gr and 50rds Blazer CCI Aluminum FMJ 230gr. at outdoor range. No PMC brass to the head. About 5-6 alum blazer casings to the head/face. Maybe 2 Blazer casings to the shoulder.

3rd range trip:
50 rds Independence FMJ 230gr and 50 rds Blazer CCI Aluminum FMJ 230gr at outdoor range. About 15 casing to the head/face from both brass and aluminum casings. About 6 casings from both brass and aluminum to the shoulder.

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