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Originally Posted by dm1906 View Post
Each to his/her own, but I wouldn't call it "risking life/limb". Only getting the most out of a potential, minimizing the risk at every opportunity. Start reading post #105 of this thread, and you'll see bad things happen, even when you do everything right. I don't cross hard lines. Those KB!'s weren't even warm, let alone up to 10mm pressure. Top fuel? Yeah, that's a pretty good comparison. I run 1320 faster than John Force. Eddie Hill was the first on asphalt, I'm first on paper (or freezer-fodder). I won't try to talk you into anything uncomfortable, unsafe, or compromising. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right. Ever. You'll live longer that way. I've been doing this for near 4 decades, and ain't slowing down now.
I hear you. I wasn't trying to be critical or implying anything. My apologies if I came off that way.
I like to creep toward the edge too. My first reloads we .40 S&W out of a G22 with a MG 180g CMJ SCREAMING at 780 fps! :-) The guy who's chrono I was using said "These would be great for your wife to shoot." LOL Now, I need a 10mm to go the next level. I do appreciate your points about safety and carefully measuring and reducing risks and to expect the unexpected... Mr. Murphy rearing his ugly head! Sometimes we find ourselves at the edge without having walked up to it.
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