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The last agency I worked for had the weirdest gun policy you could ever imagine. These are just the handguns I had issued to me.

Glock 17
Glock 19
Glock 22
Sig P226
Sig P228
Sig P229

And, they issued a lot more than these.
You could also ask for, at one time or anther, a:
SigPro .40
Beretta 92
Smith and Wesson Model 5906
Walther PPK (backup and undercover)
Sig P239 (backup and undercover)
Glock 27 (backup and undercover)
S&W model 60 (backup and undercover).
S&W model 13

It drove the poor armorer nuts.

Longarms were:
Colt M-16
Colt CAR-15
Colt M-4
Colt M635
H&K 53
H&K 91
Rock River LAR-15
Remington 870, 18 or 14 inch barrel

And, for OCONUS use:
Colt M203

(And, M-18 Claymore Mines for base defense in places like Santa Lucia in South America!)
I sure miss the country I grew up in.

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