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- In my former life... -
Stainless Ruger Service-Six .357 (Academy in 1989 and first year on the Job.)
Smith & Wesson 5903
Smith & Wesson 5943
Colt Combat Commander (Investigations)
Glock 22 (Issued/required from around 1995 until retirement in 2011)

- Current Department -
Colt Government Model or Springfield TRP (Carrying the TRP while the Colt is away for fresh night sights and a refinish.)

I also qualified with my Glock 21 Gen 4, but am choosing to carry the 1911 platform on duty... Just because I can.

On-duty backup was initially a Smith & Wesson 640 and then I switched to a 642.

All weapons have been personally owned with the exception of the issued Glock 22.

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