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Originally Posted by pasky2112 View Post
Thanks. I see the value in them for added protection now. I don't think I could purposefully load rnds hot enough that I'd want to wear gear for blast protection. I appreciate the 'top fuel dragster' mentality, mind you. Magnums are great fun and useful. But to the point of risking life/limb? ....naahh...
Each to his/her own, but I wouldn't call it "risking life/limb". Only getting the most out of a potential, minimizing the risk at every opportunity. Start reading post #105 of this thread, and you'll see bad things happen, even when you do everything right. I don't cross hard lines. Those KB!'s weren't even warm, let alone up to 10mm pressure. Top fuel? Yeah, that's a pretty good comparison. I run 1320 faster than John Force. Eddie Hill was the first on asphalt, I'm first on paper (or freezer-fodder). I won't try to talk you into anything uncomfortable, unsafe, or compromising. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right. Ever. You'll live longer that way. I've been doing this for near 4 decades, and ain't slowing down now.
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