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Originally Posted by ElDub View Post
I have my G27 & G23 listed on my CCW permit. These are of course listed by serial number. Sometimes I use a 9mm conversion in my G23. Since the 9 barrel does not have a serial number, is my G23 technically not the same gun on the permit? Just trying to avoid any problems. Thanks.
Apparently you haven't looked at your CA permit recently. The permit identifies your carry guns by Serial#, caliber, make and model.

It's a mighty poor decision to modify your carry guns in any way including a change in caliber.

If you use your .40 converted pistol in 9mm in El Dorado Co., there may be no ramifications. But will it fly in the liberal anti-gun counties in the Gay Area or So.Cal? I wouldn't bet my my freedoms on it.

Way to easy for any Prosecutor or plaintiff's Atty to accuse you of being an "asassian" looking for a poor minority victim to murder with a different caliber weapon and then get rid of evidence of the crime by disposing of said "asassin's" barrel and changing back to your standard .40 barrel.
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