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Glock 20 bbls: Stock bbl vs. Aftermarket bbl?

Hi Everyone.
Forgive me for starting a new thread on this subject but I've been reading GT for many days...literally...researching this topic. I see a VERY wide range of responses to the below questions that I'd like to propose they be aggregated in this thread.

To the point, I have a new G20 (my first 10mm) coming and planned to just shoot it stock with some factory loads (PMC) and then reload those and handload some new Starline and Win brass. But I keep seeing pictures of blown cases, glock smiles and the like from folks loading hot/nukes in a stock Glock bbl. Since 10mm brass isn't laying all over the place like .40 S&W, I'd like to preserve the ones I buy best i can using the bbl I paid for with the gun. ;-)

That said:
If one likes to load hot, would it be better to get an aftermarket bbl with a 'better' chamber? I use a KKM in my .40's just to preserve brasslife...I'm not sure they are more/less accurate, IMO. Any preferences/experience re: AM bbls like SL, KKM, etc.?

I'd like to work up safe max loads in .40. Can I shoot reloaded .40's out of the G20 stock bbl RELIABLY /ACCURATELY... relatively? ;-)

Since quite a few shooters report they shoot .40's out of their stock and/or AM 10mm bbl's, what's the point of conversion bbls?? (10mm-.40, that is) Is it the 'use it for what it's designed for' principle?

Has anyone ever just dropped in a 6" AM bbl in place of the stock G20 4.6" bbl and felt it shot well? ...better? Why did you swap bbls?

Thanks to all in this forum and everyone sharing their experiences!
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