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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
My 'stuff' is good 'stuff' - and it mentions ready positions and trigger fingers. But you wouldn't forget that anyway. You still have cones in mind?

What about baffles between the stages? We spoke about that I think - but I forgot what you said.

We talked about baffles yesterday, but what we did was a shot through and a minibriefing on squadding, start positions, range commands and scoring.Of the 16 shooters at the walk through, only two had previous experience with the D1 targets and the arrays.

I let the County RO run me through all three stages and then we let the shooters alternate between running the timer and entering the scores. All of the shooters took turns scoring the targets.

As expected, some shot better on steel and some on paper, but everyone that talked to me about the practice said something similar to, " that I know how the match runs..."

On a personal note, August 5th, in Mobile from 12-4 is HOTHOT; so hot in fact that I got to

Oh what I give for this sport

Anyway, everyone was well briefed on starting positions and range commands. Squadding will get more attention, but the ones that picked it up the best are going to be the primary squadding officers.

As to baffles- we will work on them on another date at an earlier time, preferably morning or evening.

Also, I met a new GTer out there but I, emabarrasingly, have forgotten his GT handle. I think it is Todd something. If he reads this, I hope he feels free to chime in.
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