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Originally Posted by Wayloss View Post
Okay this was a recent event I was involved in as a responder. d/t privacy laws this will be VAGUE. This event takes place in New York State (not city), Urban/Suburban Mega-retail store.

A call was received for a MWAG in the store. Witnesses report someone walking around the store with a pistol in a holster ranting and talking to themselves and inanimate objects. when LEO's make contact the guy becomes verbally abusive to them and reports the "gun" is a pellet gun. The LEO's take the pellet gun and handcuff the man. He is taken to a local hospital under MHA (Mental Hygine Arrest) for treatment.

Now this bothered me. On one half I'm upset that a MWAG call set this in motion and the guy has his liberty deprived simply because he was (apparently) legally carrying a pellet gun.
Here in NY, we aren't allowed open carry. ALL permits are for concealed-carry only.
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