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What would you do?

Okay this was a recent event I was involved in as a responder. d/t privacy laws this will be VAGUE. This event takes place in New York State (not city), Urban/Suburban Mega-retail store.

A call was received for a MWAG in the store. Witnesses report someone walking around the store with a pistol in a holster ranting and talking to themselves and inanimate objects. when LEO's make contact the guy becomes verbally abusive to them and reports the "gun" is a pellet gun. The LEO's take the pellet gun and handcuff the man. He is taken to a local hospital under MHA (Mental Hygine Arrest) for treatment.

Now this bothered me. On one half I'm upset that a MWAG call set this in motion and the guy has his liberty deprived simply because he was (apparently) legally carrying a pellet gun. On the other hand I would have likely called the guy in myself for the erratic behavior and the potential weapon. If we take the Mental Illness out and this is plain wrong.

I'm just wondering about my fellow GT'ers thoughts and ideas. Especially LEO, and EMS friends.
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