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I have emailed IMR asking why there are so many vastly different suggested loads out there for this powder, as well as deleted data from past manuals, and asked them for advice on recent load data/starting points. I thanked them in advance for helping me 'safely use their product'.

If I get an answer, I'll post back what they say. As for now, the 800-x will be used to start very low, and SLOWLY work up a bit, until I find the most accurate zone. I'll probablly use some of the 180gr x-treme bullets I have in bulk. Once I settle on a load, then I'll prob make a ton just like them for target/competition. I'll make some heaters out of the XTP's using Bluedot, which I've used a ton already and feel much more comfortable with.

Thanks to you all for your continued help. I always appreciate words of wisdom from those that have 'been there, done that'.
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