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Originally Posted by walrus108 View Post
I have some new Win brass, 800x, WLP and 180g XTP bullets to load. I'm starting to regret my choice in bullets. I am having trouble finding a reasonable starting point for this weight bullet. I'd like to choose a charge weight that will get me @1200fps, and call it good. The problem is, the numbers i find are all over the place for any similar weight bullets. Has this powder changed a ton over the years? I've seen load data listing 8.4g 800x to 10+g, all for 180gr bullets and all very near 1200fps.

So far, I was thinking of taking a shot in the dark and starting at 9.4g. does this seem reasonable? Starting weights for this powder seem all over the place and data using this specific bullet is very limited. Where should I start? Anyone have a safe load developed, for the 180g XTP, that will give about 1200fps? I shouldn't even be close flirting with max pressure with a load like that, so if I could just get there, I'd at least be somewhere. I'd hate to have to just load these for 40!

I also have power pistol, Bluedot, and unique to work with. Anyone want to share some loads using those powders? I plan on using these XTP's with working up to 10.2 grains Blue Dot?
Caution. 800-X is said to be inconsistent, and I am beginning to see evidence to support that. Virtually all load data found limits 800-X to very low pressures. Inconsistent lots might be part of the reason.

In my testing, 9.1 grains under a 180 gr XTP gives noticeable Glock smiles, and 9.6 grains makes pretty nasty ones. It is the only load combination thus far to give me sketchy results. In my gun, and with the batch of powder I was working with, 8.5 grains @ 1150 is the max I feel comfortable with. I don't have an 800-X load for which I am comfortable going to 1200 fps. Perhaps a different lot of powder would have different results. The point being is that 9.4 grains is a bit high of a starting point in my opinion. If you got a lot like the one I was using, you could see some pretty concerning results. I have had different cans of 800-X, but my 180XTP tests were all from a single lot. I may try another workup with a different lot that I have to see what is up. However, I have other powders that are nicer to work with and give great results; so I am not too motivated.

Some guys are getting much better results with 800-X. I would reduce to about 8.0 grains and work up carefully to see how it behaves in your setup. Hodgdon's max is 8.7 grains. So your proposed starting load would be significantly higher than Hodgdon's max.

10.5 grains of Blue Dot gets to 1200 fps with a 180 XTP with no indications of excessive pressure. That load is within Hornady's book data.

13.5 -13.7 grains of Accurate no. 9 gets comfortably to 1200 fps too.

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