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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
walrus108, the 180 gr XTP's are slightly shorter and lighter than the 200 XTP's, having said that, I shoot the 200XTP's over the 9.4 grain loading of 800X to yield 1240 fps, I would say you could start with that loading for the 180 grain Hornady XTP's also.

I also shot the Blue Dot at 10.5 grains for the 200XTP's that yielded 1180-1200 fps from a 5" S&W1006.

The Power Pistol for the 200XTP's I load to 8.0 grains for 1180-1200 fps

I hand weigh my charges only, althought 800X powder dropped well from the RCBS Uniflow hopper.

Good luck with you loading!

Thanks for that Shadow. I appreciate that you're always willing to help out. I've ran into quite a few of your post on various sites that were invaluable to me starting out. Very cool!

I think I'll make a few starting at 9.4 and go up a tenth at a time to 9.7g with 800x and see what I get. Should be well in the safety zone.
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