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Originally Posted by phi1281 View Post
I am getting really sick and tired of seeing zombie this and zombie that everywhere I turn in my LGS and outdoors stores. Zombie ammo (thanks Hornady), Zombie shotguns (thanks Mossberg), Zombie Blogs at Guns & Ammo, Zombie Slayer handguns (thanks Ruger)... ENOUGH.

What really is at the root and getting me riled up is that we're getting things that are not toys... real firearms and ammunition that are being marketed as novelties. All it's going to take is some idiot and a liability lawsuit for it all to come crashing down. Anyone trying to make a buck off of this marketing machine is just crass and reckless.

None too soon either. The zombie fad will be gone none too soon for my tastes.
News Flash!

The industry doesn't care what you think about it. They are making loads of money from all of it.
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