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Yes, of course the distribution of the weight is different. However, withmedal GBB (Gas Blow Back) airsoft gun you are still pulling and swing into position something with similar weight. Let's keep in mind; we are talkingabout an airsoft gun and not a real gun. So, some things will be different.

As far as spring and such are concerned, the gas pressure released by an airsoft gun is not nearly enough to push a guide spring from a real steel handgun.Some hard core mil-sim fans have been known to replace some parts of theirairsoft rifles with real steel combat rifles parts. But these are limited tothings like hand guards from for example AK rifles, or maybe a gas block from areal steel AK. Others items include sights, fore grips, rails systems, etc.These are cosmetic and that is about the extent of it. I have an airsoft M4, AK74U, and L85A1. All are airsoft rifles and all have nearly identical weights to their real steel counterparts. But there nothing on an airsoft rifle that can withstand the pressures of real steel. These rifles, for all their realisticlook and weight are not made of forged steel. Just don't take one of these outside, or you will soon be visited by a S.W.A.T. carrying the real thing.

All in all, airsoft guns (hand guns and rifles) are excellent training devices. Just be sure to buy the full metal guns and not the expensive plasticguns. These are only good for bragging that you have an expensive gun, but it will have no functional use for effective training.

Remember muscle memory is very... very important in training.

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