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Originally Posted by forresme View Post
With the LCP or Kel-Tec 380 I feel lucky if I can hit anything much beyond 6 feet. They are the most uncomfortable guns to shoot I have ever seen. Granted, they are very small, light, and easy to pocket carry, but for personal defense I feel much more confident with either my Kahr PM-9, Glock 26, or S&W 442. With the .380 it is too much of a toss up.
If you can't hit with it, don't carry it. But you might want to take a look at some of the post and threads from M2 Carbine. He does some pretty impressive LONG RANGE work with mouse guns including 380. And I'm a great believer in long range practice as well as 'bad breath range' practice.

I'm not as good as M2 Carbine, but I'm no slouch with my P3AT's and Kahr mouse pistols. I've killed many small four legged moving varmints with my P3AT over the years. I know they were not shooting back. But I figure if I can hit something like that, I can probably hit a larger target if I don't loose my cool. I regularly practice at out to 50 yards or more with my mouse guns, including the P3AT.

And I consider my P3AT to be a pretty easy to shoot pistol. The recoil is negligible to my way of thinking, but I'm used to magnum handgun shooting.

Originally Posted by gwalchmai View Post
We desire to optimize the properties of expansion and penetration, but in these mouse calibers we can't get reliable expansion. Since I can only have one of the desired properties I'll maximize penetration. Over-penetration doesn't scare me. I've never seen a case of a bystander getting hit by an over-penetrating round, but if it happened I doubt the round would have enough spunk left to do very much harm. Anyway, it's a trade-off I'm willing to make.

I keep S&B FMJ in my P32, because it's the hottest I can find.
Pretty much sums up my opinion except my choice of FNJ ammo. I'm not the least bit worried about over-penetration. I worry a lot more about misses. Statistics seem to show a pretty high percentage of misses in most handgun self defense shootings, even LEO involved ones.

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