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Originally Posted by wjv View Post
My normal carry is a S&W airweight J frame. But honestly, I still want a .380. There are time when I just have on some shorts and a t shirt and the J frame is too bulky. I also like that even if I'm wearing pajamas or shorts to bed, I could still slip a LCP into my pocket and be armed even when I'm "dressed" for bed.
Thats what I like about my KelTec 380. When I get compfy for the night, I usually wear gym shorts and a T-shirt. The .45 Commander goes in the bedside holster, and the KelTec goes in the pocket of my shorts and doesn't make them sag. With the little clip-on Uncle Mikes nylon holster, I can even wear it in just my underwear (erase mental image!) if I want to.
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