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Originally Posted by Gbannan View Post
No corrosive ammo for me.

Like I said before im new to AKs. What are the 922 parts you speak of and what does PAP stand for?
Fortunately for the unsuspecting, ex-Yugo military 7.62x39 is likely the last of the corrosive to be routinely found for sale. Although I have read that you should never fully trust ANY EU, ex-WARPACT ammo just to be on the safe side.

I don't go anal after a shoot of Wolf or Tula in the AKs, but I don't completely ignore them like I would after a day at the range with a .22LR.

As for PAP - from everything I've read on the 'net - which of course means nothing -- is that "P.A.P." is our abbreviation for some Yugo/Serb phrase meaning "semi-auto rifle".

We use it as if it is a model-name as that is what EAA was calling them when they started importing the low-cap thumbhole versions.

Whatever they call it, the ones I handled at a gunshow were sweet AKs - a time machine back to the 80's. Love to have one but just have no need.
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