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Originally Posted by MadCityJack View Post
Regarding training, your point is very well taken. We just spent a few minutes dry firing the revolver. This is what we learned: 1) She was not using the pad of her finger tip to pull the trigger straight back but was contacting the trigger closer to the first joint. 2) This had the effect of putting sideways pressure on the trigger, making it near impossible to pull. Trying her method, I could not pull the trigger back doing that. 3) Once corrected, she was able to pull the trigger back several times. 4) Despite that she shoots a Glock 19 with ease (again a wonderful beginner's pistol), the shape of the Ruger trigger must of optimized the lateral pull for her hand. Of note, I should have anticipated this because her Glock groupings suggested pulling to the right (she is a South Paw). The lesson for me is that not all training with one pistol readily generalizes to others, at least not initially.

My (our) .357 has a 4 inch barrel and is heavy, making shooting .38s virtually without recoil for her. Also, we occasionally shoot with only one round in the six shooter (randomly located) to minimize anticipation of recoil. Once we get this down we will move to .38 +P. So, I have learned an important lesson here. And, in fact, my own trigger control training has improved of late, allowing me greater accuracy with the Glock 19, PPQ and the Ruger. So I am finding that as my accuracy improves with one pistol, it improves with others. These 3 pistols are all great shooters--each with their own unique feel.

Will check out the gunsmithing sites. Making the pull modestly lighter may still help. But we will go out to the range again before making a decision to have the trigger pull lightened.

Any other training suggestions? The Ruger trigger does give way at some point, but her pull seems smooth throughout. Please tell me more about "staging".

Thank You Again Angel,
For what it's worth, most DA shooters I know and myself, use the "power crease" in the trigger finger. I know of very few who get good results using the first pad like an SA auto. (Jerry Miculek being a rare exception).

It is almost a "natural" method an it is probably (IMO) best to let a shooter use the natural fingerplacement and "tune" it and them up to eliminate pulling than to try and get them to use an unnatural technique.
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