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Mark Levin said the following on his radio show to a caller when talking about the CO shooting and guns...
(At about the 59 minute mark)

People who don't own guns are telling the rest of us that we shouldn't either. Seems to me that they've made a life choice about themselves and their own families that if somebody breaks into their home, weather than can outrun the bullet to the telephone. You know that is their decision. But they don't have a right impose that decision on you and me. Even putting the Constitution or the law aside. The most valuable thing we have is our family and our lives. In that context nothing else matters, or liberty, or lives, our person-hood. And if some-body's is trying to take it, or abuse it, or harm a loved one, well then by god we have to do be able to do what ever we can to stop it. And if you want to unilaterally put yourself into a position where you can't, that's up to you. But don't impose that position on the rest of us. That's all.
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