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Just stole this from Reddit.. pretty good IMO

Bad people use the internet for child pornography, so if you support a free and open internet you are supporting child pornography. When the framers of the Constitution wrote the 1st Amendment, they obviously had no idea that technological advancements like the internet would come along.
I'm not saying we need to ban the internet, but we need internet control to stop the bad guys. All IPs should be registered with the government, and you should need to pass a psychological evaluation before being allowed to get on the internet to make sure you won't drive the permanent psychological harm of children, which some would argue is worse than death for those that are sexually abused.
I'm tired of hearing about ****tards on Reddit DEFENDING THEIR INTERWEBZ.
But the internet is not designed for CP and serves so much greater a purpose, guns are only designed for murder.
My guns are designed to keep bad guys breaking into my home and murdering me, which for me is more important that open information.

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