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I've only taken one class and that was Defensive Pistol Skills from Suarez Int'l. Nothing it in struck me as particularly out of the mainstream, but I don't have much basis for judgment. My understanding is that his intermediate and advanced level classes do deviate significantly from most training. The OP might want to check out Suarez's forum (Warriortalk) if he's curious. Also, has some very "software" oriented people on it who have taken a lot of classes.

Most instructors teach more what I would call gun handling.
What Gabe teaches I would call gun fighting When it comes to gun fighting Gabe has no equal In my book anyway. And yes i've taken classes at other places including Gun Site but I still say Gabe is the best when it comes to learning how to kill without being killed. When you forget the PC Crap isn't that what it is really about?
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