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I carry my SP101 every day. It rides AIWB. I installed the XS Standard Dot Night Sight, and wood inserts on the Grips. I have also shaped the trigger making it thinner to better fit me. I gave the Gun a polish job with Flitz Metal Polish. After Thousands of Dry Fires and a few thousand rounds of 357 125g. JHP, the action is nice and smooth. It is the 2" version or 2. whatever, anyway I seam to shoot it OK and feel I could hold my own if I needed to defend myself. The Stock Grips work for me and the overall size of the gun makes it comfortable to carry in my belt all day. I carry the LCR357 in my off hand pocket to back it up. Two Speed Loaders and Two Speed Strips carry my Reloads and hopefully I will never need to use any of it other than to practice at the Range or my Camp.

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