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Originally Posted by Mas Ayoob View Post
Can only speak for myself, but to ME, you'd look like someone who planned well ahead to get in trouble with the police. And of course, anything you might have told me about where I could find evidence or witnesses that could prove your story might well disappear. If you've been in a shooting with no witnesses coming voluntarily forward, guy on ground looks like victim, and you look like guilty perpetrator with nothing to say for yourself.

It's never smart to spill your guts and answer a string of questions in the immediate aftermath of a shooting, but if you don't give the bare bones to indicate the guy attacked you and there might be evidence to prove it, the cop ain't gonna pick that up from a psychic connection.
Thanks, Mas. I did forget to mention that I started but did not complete law school, and from that alone, I know that it is generally best to invoke the right to counsel.

Also, I live in a "stand your ground" state.

Your points are pretty much how I challenged my lawyer. I specifically asked him about telling the first responders that I was scared that I would die right then and there, I didn't see any other way to safety, and that I didn't want to hurt (let alone kill) anyone. (All of this is true. I have enough stress as it is without having killed someone, no matter how justified, on me.) Also, I am known by many to oppose the death penalty on moral grounds as a deliberate, cold-blooded killing.

In spite of my objections, he stuck to his guns.

You may know of a tactic used by DAs: They will ask the police officer about what the defendant said, and the cop will repeat something that tends to put the defendant in a good light. The the DA will then ask, "Did you notice anything about his statement?" Cop, "Well, he did not seem sincere about it . . . blah blah blah."

I have to wonder if my lawyer is in a common mindset that too often afflicts lawyers. They sometimes worry too much about what could happen at trial rather than what can be done to avoid a trial in the first place.

I will, once again, challenge him on this. But I will slap some cash on the table first.
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