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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Mas, if I may ask Frizz a question, please, Frizz, what experience does your attorney have defending persons legally carrying a firearm for self defense, who, in the course of their normal day have used their weapon to defend themselves? Remember these key words: legally carrying, self defense, normal day.
Fair question. And a good one at that.

He has defended around 10 cases of in-home defense, but I am not sure about CCW defense. He has not lost one yet. I will ask him about CCW

I'll note that he is well-respected in the local legal community, and has been president of a local bar association more than once. He is also involved with state task forces, and enjoys the respect of both sides of the political aisle, even though he is on the left.

Additionally, despite his general anti-firearm views, he has taken a case of someone who was committed in probate court after a suicide attempt several years ago. Recall that under the last federal legislation, a prohibited person can regain firearm rights if the probate court OKs it.
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