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Me, My guns and the 1911's

Pardon my french but there will be some inappropriate language present in that thread; however i will try to abbreviate as much as I can but i can't promise that i will catch everything and if you think that you might feel offend it please don't read it; so let me start.

I'm 31 years old american naturalized citizen that came here about 13 years ago(legally). Work hard and study a lot never was on any social programs even thou my parents came here only with a several benjamins in the pocket. Working hard I meant 12 hours a day 7 days a week (without over time pay) eat that s...t union workers for 3 years, then i went to university. I was trying to get a degree, but later on I realize that professors and the books want to get you inside the box and think there. I dropped that fu....g school because i tired of being right so many times but these old farts were not admitting and accepting new theories or anything that was against there understanding of the surroundings. I got married moved to the islands, worked for one of the smartest professors that I ever knew ( i know a lot of them). By the way I'm chemistry school drop out. That journey took me about 7 years and I never interacted with guns at all.

Then we moved (me and my wife) to the original state and I found a job in the country in the chemical field, who the fu.k would think that? Working with rednecks and the PHD professor in physics shoulder to shoulder. We accomplished and created variety of new products that you are using in your everyday life, but the most important part is I BOUGHT MY FIRST PISTOL! thats my non biological dad (my co worked) sad I created a monster

First it was only about the profit, later i was giving a good deals to my friends and family, now I'm in love with guns. No it's not sick, some in love with paintings,post stamps,coins,cars, hobby is cold stainless steel 1911 frame in my hand.

I'm not including a lot of details (as we know devil is in them) but point is I don't see firearms as a killing equipment it is piece of art( hard work, imagination and high quality products) of the master. I'm a 1911 addict and no I don't want you to fix me! Thank you and have a nice day!
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