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I've got several Airsoft M4s - all Tokyo Marui AEGs (which dates my activity in that hobby ). They're fun to put next to my LMT. Same goes with my KSC G18C (I shot an 18 last week, and to tell you the truth, the airsoft is not that far off, in terms of the fun factor) and G26C, which look awesome next to my G32.

I participated in many skirmish games, between '99 and '04, with my airsoft replicas. Good times. You should have seen the other players' eyes when I pulled the G26C from my Thunderwear, after I'd been "captured" and led inside the OPFOR base. I think I took out a half-dozen of them, before someone finally tagged me.

OK, back on-topic.....

But man, when my instructor brought out the RAP4s and I gave them a whirl, I was just giddy!

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