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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
"Some times in life we learn, some times we need to teach. So, I'll throw this out like a hay bale over the fence, and folks can eat or walk away... "

Well I choose to eat.

Thanks for posting. I'd be a FOOL if I didn't keep listening and learning in my life, and while ain't done with Longshot yet (by a longshot), I'm going to look REALLY hard at both Blue Dot and AA9 in making my decision as to my main 200gr huntin powder. I still have many more tests to do (mainly accuracy workups) before I decide on what's best for my official hunting powder... and will be taking into effect how safe my loads are in comparison to the power I'm getting.

I'll pass the word on the G29sf, man!! Stay safe!!!

Hey Buddy, I am glad someone read my "novel." haha !

I was hoping The post would not come across in a bad way, but as instructive. I really believe I am on the right track here, BUT, bro in your continued LS testing, do be careful Nick. I really do believe these figures we been talking about are way to much "and for the wrong bullet design." !!

But, please do keep any information and or updates of what you learn out here before everyone.

I appreciate the kind and sincere reply amigo. I really thought I should post this (above) after 'my' own shooting experience with LS (at the grains over "Hornady book max"), and after a night full of cross referencing, even "old outdated data here.." And looking through a mountain of load data books in my pretty large library of data books manuals, and others load notes from over the years I have.

Also, the discussion with Hodgdon. And a friend of mine I mentioned (above) who wrote a load book Metalic Cratridge Reloading," by Mic McPherson." Everyone really needs this thick load manual.. It can be Googled up.

He is working on the next volume now. It really would be a REAL benefit to everyone to get this load manual.

So, like I said about the hay... We never feed hay with sticks in it or the stock would choke.

So, when we're "eating", (information), we need to always spit out the sticks (if their there) and only eat the hay.

I hope this "hay" (my post above) will help some hungry travlers by here...

I appreciate you brother.

Thanks for spreading the word on the G29.
That puppy shoots good don't it ? I think there was 50/60 rounds in that 35yd 'step out the door test' in the back.

Good shooting !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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