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Mrs. Hunt, so as to have it on the trial's official record, read the following statement to have it placed into evidence.

Originally Posted by Huaco Kid View Post
Once, I was wearing mine at walmart, while trying to decide which toothpaste would make my teeth the whitest, when some SWAT guys grabbed me and said they needed me to cover their backs.

We blasted, code 3, across the parking lot towards the Old Navy. I hunkered down behind the cement petunia planter while they made a tactical entry. I tried to pick off all the guys running out with bags that had dollar signs on them, but I only managed about a 75% kill rate.

Afterwards, they all wanted to pose for pictures with me and we went to the bar and they paid the tab. ...
After reading the entire transcript of his deposition for the record, Mrs. Hunt also stated that when HK referred to the pronoun -mine,- he was actually speaking about and referring to a "CCW Raid jacket" (i.e., reference highlighted above and with a stock photo below), which he both owned and was actually wearing at the time preceding and during this specific incident.

The Okie Corral

Mrs Hunt then reiterated the composite account of events that was derived from his personal recount, the next morning, to reporters. Mrs. Hunt then requested the presiding judge allow an indeterminate recess in the trial so as to have a private side bar with the defendant's new legal counsel, which his new legal counselor is a time traveling, and or time shifting, and or dimension traveling rabbit, whom wants people to think he hails from Japan.

Here, in its entirety, is the reiterated recount of events that Mrs. Hunt read for the record with regards to HK's personal recount of events, which he made to reporters the morning after the event in question.

... while shopping in the Pharmacy section of Wal-Mart, [I] was implored by [my] local SWAT team to assist with a call up due to an armed robbery, at the Old Navy, which was located on the other side of Wal-Mart's parking lot. ...

... after making contact with [me] on the toothpaste aisle, the SWAT team advised [me] they needed some sniper back up and time was of critical essence, so [I] agreed. After running -x- across the parking lot in the SWAT van, approximately 60 yards, [I] found a good covering position behind a concrete planter, which offered a good firing lane near the Old Navy's front entrance. With [me] taking this covering position, the SWAT team members then made a dynamic tactical entry on the rear of the store.

During the process of SWAT clearing the store, [I] managed to shoot 6 of the 8 suspects that [I] saw running from the building as well as managing to pick up a couple good deals on some colorful Hawaiian shirts. Unfortunately, by accident, [I] also shot a seventh person, which was not involved in the robbery. This person, 58 year old Helen Waite, whom turned out to be a hospital's spokesperson on vacation from Alaska, was shot [by me] as she frantically tried to leave the store. ...
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