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I read Mas' Stressfire II and he does in fact offer a VERY strong case for the 20 gauge as a HDW. Basically you're getting 75% of the buckshot downrange with only half of the recoil one would get with a 12. To my way of thinking, that's a great trade off for the ladies.

I liked the idea so much, I bought my fiance a 20 gauge Mossberg 500 Bantam pump. If you aren't familiar, that's their youth size. She's 5'5" and about 120 lbs. It fits her perfectly. It took about 10 shots before she became DEADLY with it. She LOVES it. The only real issue is that its hard to find buckshot for it, but I did find a few boxes of #4 buck. I feel like she's very well protected with her Mossberg 20.
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