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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
Agreed 100% on giving both KKM and Longshot BOTH another chance. Do a LS workup in your G20 setup (a proven setup) and watch the numbers and power fly!

And I'm sure Kevin @ KKM will do you right whether its refund or exchange.

Good luck, brother! Stay cool....

Oh yeh for sure amigo. Nothing I have said has been a rant agaist KKM. I made that clear on the first post. Any one can make a mistake with a product. No, I know he makes good stuff as does LW and others. Man i just got a bad one. Stuff happens. I already talked them (at KKM), their really nice folks. Kevin and Sy, and all of them. No worries there. They are there to help I have NO concern with that.

I agree, in that I really believe the other "proven barrel" and the G20 will bring those groups back to one nice pokerchip size hole out there for me. I will let y'all know when I can. Pressing issues are upon me right nowm so I best "press outta here" and go deal with them... haha

Thanks Nick, I agree amigo !

Stay cool ! right ! Even the rattlers are sizzling out here ! haha.

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