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Thanks for posting. I'm done with the LS for now in the 10mm and think I'll jst stick with the BD since it has always worked really well for me all these years. Also the 10.0grs 800X with 180XTP has been very accurate and performs well too.

I'll be sending the KKM back today.
Hey, CM... sorry about your weird experiences with LS and your new KKM... thats too bad. I've not had any of those issues with either LS or KKM products. Glad nothing got damaged (except the brass, ha)

If I use a Glock it has been the G20 for deer size game only, and that is not very often that he sees action, so The G29 is like brand new, so he may just 'help fund' an AK47/M15 project with a few hundred bucks. We'll see, don't know yet.
Understood... The rule is, if you don't want or don't need or "no longer" need a gun, sell it and get something you want! No harm done!

Was hoping to hear from nick about his shoot Saturday as well..
Yea, sorry i've taken so long to report back ... CRAZY weekend here with unexpected guests being over at the house for both Saturday and Sunday... I'm working from home today so I can give you all a quick rundown of my range trip Saturday.

All in all, it was a GREAT time! I met Gator378 (GT forum member) out at one of our state-run ranges with our 10mm's to meet and burn some powder. He brought his Gen1/2 G20 equipped with a JPoint 8MOA reflex sight and Barsto stock length barrel. I'd never before shot a Glock with a reflex sight... I brought my Fusion Hunter and G29SF, neither of which he had shot before. We both had tons of reloads so ammo was no object to us... the only thing preventing us from blasting hundreds and hundreds of rounds downrange that day was 1) the fact that we were sharing a lane and 2) the heat and 3) the rangemaster calling cease-fire every 10-15 minutes. By the way, Gator378 is a very nice young man (lol, he's got me by about 30 years, ) .... REALLY glad to have met him. I'm sure we will shoot again soon, especially when the weather cools down this fall.

My shooting impressions of the JPoint is this: Its CHEATING!! Super super awesome ... just place the dot on the target and press the trigger until the sight picture goes away. We were at the rifle range so 25y was our minimum distance to the target. My FIRST target at 25y, standing, with the JPoint G20 is below. I was not used to his stock trigger (which wasn't nearly as light and crisp as my own G20sf) but was VERY pleased with my first attempt.

First J-Point attempt:
10mm Reloading Forum

Here is the pistol (hope he doesn't mind I post this):
10mm Reloading Forum

Another shot of the pistol:
10mm Reloading Forum

Gator378 really enjoyed both my Fusion AND my G29sf... (I call people by their screen names on public posts unless they say otherwise. PM's and emails are different) ... I think he was more impressed with the Fusion than anything. He kept commenting on how perfect it came up to a sighting picture and how smooth, reliable and accurate it shot. He also commented on how easy the G29 slipped into his pocket. He was also commenting on how my Blue Dot loads ROCKED in a G29. He was wearing the true 10mm smile, and I WAS TOO!

Most of the loads we shot were either his 200gr Rainier bullets over 12.0gr AA9 (really stout feeling, AA9 seems like a real pusher!) or one of several of my 155, 165, 180 or 200gr Gold Dots or XTP handloads...

All in a all, great conversations.... we talked reloading and rifles and pistols and everything in between.... really nice meeting another friend, shooter AND 10mm guy! Also, I think I'm in the market for a JPoint for my G20sf... either a JPoint or a Fastfire III... not sure yet. But I'm strangely excited about the whole thing!!!!! I'm sick and twisted, I know....

One more thing ... my Dad called yesterday and said his inaugural steel plate target testing went well... he's working on fabricating some steel falling targets for our 10mm's and other guns! Can't wait!!!!! More on this later....

(ps... sorry to post this in your thread CM but I didn't think it warranted its own thread and I plan on doing another range trip soon where I take more shots and more pictures)
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