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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
Well I ventured out today to test some hand loads...Speer 200 gr Cast TCBB SWC over 9.8 grains of my favorite powder Blue Dot seated to 1.26" with Remington 2 1/2 LP's.
From the Glock 29 factory 3.78"
1150 fps from the clean bore, then 1063, 1079, 1089, 1033 fps

From the S&W 1006 5"
1174, 1201, 1146, 1168, 1150
1153, 1156, 1167, 1151, 1133
1137, 1152, 1131, 1141. 1135
1154, 1145, 1201, 1201, 1201
1143, 1136, 1119, 1124, 1119

Sweat dripping into my eyes, down both arms, jeans soaked and pulling down...25' target spread was 6 1/2" total.
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Thanks for the report Shadow. If ya got that in the G29 with 9.8 grs BD, then I must be doing pretty good using the 10grs/10.5grs, I have been using for a long time now.

Thanks for posting. I'm done with the LS for now in the 10mm and think I'll jst stick with the BD since it has always worked really well for me all these years. Also the 10.0grs 800X with 180XTP has been very accurate and performs well too.

I'll be sending the KKM back today. Don't know if I'll exchange it, or just get a refund, and stick with the OEM. I have never had a problem with OEM using these BD loads or the 10.0 800X load either. I've about decided to keep the 'trusty G20 SF', and perhaps just sell the G29, since I can find no 'practical use' for it, (fo me) 'out here'. I carry a M1911 45acp when ever we go to a town or city etc. And IF there is to be any hunting it is always my revolvers.

If I use a Glock it has been the G20 for deer size game only, and that is not very often that he sees action, so The G29 is like brand new, so he may just 'help fund' an AK47/M15 project with a few hundred bucks. We'll see, don't know yet.

If I do decide to, I'll let it be known around here if someone wants it, it will be a fair price.

Hey amigo, thanks again for the posting, and I hear ya on the sweat in the face buiness. I'm sure you got worse humidity in Louisiana than we do here in W, Texas. whew !

Was hoping to hear from nick about his shoot Saturday as well..

Take care amigo and thanks...

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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