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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
I hear you, Winchester has been one of the stronger brass, the LongShot is very entergetic and that is why I liked 800X slightly better, however it is hard to beat the Blue Dot for tha accuracy that you and I have seen over the years with many cartridges and bullet combinations!

I was going to test some loads today but it was drizzling early, so I finished up building a flip up target stand on the end of the ironing board that I have my CHRONY mounted to.
10mm Reloading Forum

Well pard, looks like you got everything pretty well "Ironed out." haha ! Please send the rain our way !!!

Nice little set up you got there amigo.... good thinking. Ha!

Yep WW has always served me well. Blue Dot has always (in semi auto 10's served me well) been good and never an issue..


800X is good to go for me and has been in 10.1grs under a 180gr XTP. 10.5/11.0grs of BD under a 180gr XTP has for years worked excellent in OEM and LW. 10.5grs BD with 200gr XTP has worked excellent in OEM and LW with this bullet, and again my BD recipie, with 200gr BT HC at 1.260 has been more than excellent in the OEM G20 for years and years. Enough to take 100yd Texas deer and be a very potent load for what ever I need.. Yes one or two of these are a little tad over Hornady max, BUT... SAFE, For all the years in OEM I have shoot these I can assure you fellow amigo's and 10mm shooter's NOT one issue.... Not one !

NO TYPO's haha ! NO TYPO's !

I know I am more the big bore hog leg carrier/shooter than the 10mm , but 14 years with 10mm has been a learning adventure for me and the loads I just named (above) have been 'more' than safe in the G20and G29 in the OEM barrels and really pack a punch.

I believe that "SHADOW" will agree on these loads (BD) in 10mm that they work really well.

Man I am missing my western movie "Cross fire trail" with Tom Selleck... Better go before I fall asleep. Every time I try to sit down, I have to jump up and run do something for a few minutes.

OK, Yall's turn !

Deleted a bunch of this stuff due to writting while taking 'pain meds' along with a long Hot ruff day... To wordy ! Ha.

Sorry for all the ramblig guys..
I'm better now... I think !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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