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Originally Posted by reflex264 View Post
Does anyone have one of the new factory 6" barrel guns yet? If so how does it shoot? reflex264
Hi..actually there isn't any 'new' factory 6 inch guns. Never has been.

1. There is a Glock 6 inch barrel that fits into the Glock 20 for States that require a 6 inch barrel for handgun hunting.

2. There are several 6 inch barrels (aftermarket) from various companies (lonewolf, KKM and Stormlake are probably the big three). These are stainess rifled barrels that will handle lead reloads and those that have proper chamber support (not all do) will handle HOT hunting loads as well. There are plenty of threads here to read.

3. In addition, Lonewolf offers a 'Longslide' for a 6 inch barrel that some people like. (I have one, see photo).

This gives me better sight radius, hot load capability and because of the slide weight, recoil is less.

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