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nickE10mm;19218837]Cm, I got a good chuckle on one of your posts you said "I can't wait to go shooting tomorrow.. Unless it rains, and I hope it rains". lol. I feel the same way. I'd trade a shooting day for a nice rainy or cool fall day. This heat is wearing on all of us. I often think about ya down there in the south...
Anyways, yea, I HAVE a chrono but nowhere to set it up tomorrow. Boohoo!!
Excited to meet a fellow shooter, too. Should be good.

Well Nick and every one... I wish it would have rained out here.. It is 105 degress and the place will catch on fire from a guy with a high fever ! Which I got from today's shooting session..

Let's look at all the crappy things that happened today !

Quoting my post above.. # 16

Thanks Nick !
I'll let ya'll know how all the max and a tad over max loads worked out in the morning, with the KKM in the G29..

Will be shooting short range 25 yds, to long range 100yds, for serious accuracy. And then playing at Blanco Canyon behind the house here, at out to 300 yds on caliche rocks up against a giant red clay canyon wall for grins to see what it will do. You KNOW when you hit them, it is like an exploding sack of flour ! haha.

180gr XTP's with 10.1grs 800X.
180grs XTP's with 10.7grs Blue Dot.
180gr XTP's with 9.5grs Long Shot.
200gr XTP's with 9.2grs Long Shot.
200gr XTP's with 10.5grs Blue Dot


With the NEW KKM barrel I could not have hit the inside of the tack room if I had been in it ! 4"/6" groups at 15yds apporx, and really worse at 25yds. SOOOOO, I knew buy this time there would be NO long range shooting today, so I tried a few more of the "above loads..."

Some where in the middle of 9.2 LS and 200gr XTP, something sounded funny. I stopped to take a look see...

Now understand. I did not start hand loading yesterday, nor shooting guns everyday of my life since i was 10 years old and reloading close to 45 years. On the ranch I shoot everyday, barring a really hard work day and no time.

I am ONLY saying all this to build up my story... Not being smart, honestly. haha.

I said all that to say, I load everything I load for bar none, one at a time and ona a RCBS balance scale, and doule check on a RCBS electroinc scale or vice versa... Been using their balance beam scale 'since I first started...'

Now, every stage is always inspected and double checked. SO, I have NOT, (don't care what anyone thinks.. politely speaking) had any "my fault" problems but maybe once or twice (and they were nothing really) in ALL these years. Not bad when ya shoot every day and shoot hundreds of rounds a week for all these years..

Hang on, I'm just baiting you all... HA!

Remember I said a minute ago, "I bent down to take a look see" Well, after the funny noise, I found a split case (everything shot today was brand new in the bag brass from WW and DT)

So I continued to waste my time trying to even hit the canyon wall, haha, much less any clays, rocks, targets, steel, etc... I di well to hit the ground !

Now, I can honestly say, "This is the first time I have EVER shot this bad since I was between 10 and 11 years old, and that was about 51 years ago !!!

So after thinking I had surely lost my touch, or maybe never had it, haha, and all these years had been a dream or something. Taking deer at 100yds with a G20, and further with Hog legs, and never any scopes, and all the cool things zi thought I had done, I knew this is either me (duh) or the barrel ! But NO barrel could be this crappy !!!


Well when I bent down to get the piece of brass that came from the shot that "sounded funny," I picked up a bunch of others, I had just fired as well.

Here they are from a NEW KKM barrel:

10mm Reloading Forum

If ya look hard enough you can not only see the one that "split." but also they all have hog belly's (OEM looking brass buldge, and bad at six o' clock ! Just like most older OEM Glocks ! Eaiser to see in person..

10mm Reloading Forum

Now, that ain't all. After all my braggin that I have never had a Glock jam, FTF/ FTE, mess up on me etc.. (except for a G20years ago with FACTORY WW ammo that blew up the whole gun,

Here is a quick few of that:

10mm Reloading Forum

OK.. Moving right along to today again...

While shooting another one of the above loads, I forget now which one because of anger and heat stroke... HA ! My trigger failed to reset !?? So, I dropped the mag, and pulled the slide back and out popped the cartridge, and released the slide and the trigger stayed back. Put a cartridge in the mag, pulled the slide back, released, and the trigger stayed back. Thinking something is definately broke, I dropped the mag ejecting the cartridge, and jacked the slide back and forth severl some times and ALL was cool and the trigger reset.

I pulled the slid off, and took a peek inside the reciever and messed around and never saw a thing broke or out of place, or notta !

Placed the slide back on and chalked it up to debre !

Loaded up and continued shooting and shooting etc. No problems, except I could barely hit the canyon wall !

So, Tired of all this mess and hotter than..... I decided to go in the house and cool off !

Took everything apart, and pulled everything out of slide and recierver , and gave it ALL the magnifying glass treatment. Nothing ! So, while I was there, I got the flitz, and polished ALL internals of slide and reciver, and what the heck, went ahead and dropped in a Glock OEM 3,5# connector. (I had several in a baggie from years ago) .

Looked in the KKM after a good scurbbing and saw nothing weird.


Got no stinking clue !

I am hot, and tired and PO'd, and Please don't one of you 'uh um' good amigo's tell me, "well you just had a bad day shooting, and were in a slump....."

Helen Keller could have shot better than this !!!

I have NEVER in my life, seen anything this pathetic.

Now, after over 100rds of ammo, and stepping on some of the empties in my dazed condition, and coming back in the house with about half of what I had. Did not feel like stomping in the weeds to look for the cases.

So, this is my story. I sure hope NICK has one from him and Gator out shooting today better than this. haha.

I suppose you all have guessed by now that the KKM hits the mail box in town Monday morning. "Refund time."

I'll stick with OEM, and 10.7/11.0grs Blue Dot (yes these have always worked and shot perfecto and mucho accurate) in 180gr XTP and the 10.5grs BD with the 200gr XTP. And my BD recipie SSSSHHH ! for my 200gr HC bullets in the G20.

Don't know what the non reset trigger gig was, unless it was debre some where, it did clear up, and as I said , I could find NO issue with the gun after "complete take down etc," So I have to guess this is what it was. If someone else has a answer/guess/suggestion, come on..

Well amigo's. I am going to go drink a barrel of ice tea, and sit down, and pet the dog and play with the grand kids for a while, and hope I fall asleep and wake up and see that none of this happened and was all a bad dream !

Feel free to chime in !

Buenos Tardes !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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