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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
Great thread, btw, guys!

I'd have to agree with dm and shadow... "The only options that remain are, shorten the cartridge, ream the barrel(s), or choose another bullet (in no specific order)." and "too little throat".

I, personally, had no toubles with LSWC or BTB in my stock length Barsto G20. Never had any issues with any of my other AM barrels, either, with WFN (Federal, Barsto, KKM, LW, Fusion). Guess I was just lucky! I do usually set my BTB's to about 1.24x.... maiinly because my Fusion mag doesn't like 1.26" btb loads... they jam up the mag.

Howdy Nick ole bud... Hope your doin well amigo !

Yeh, when I saw this "jam" in the new KKM G29, with the HC bullets, and then went and got the LW out of the safe, and 'same thing,' I knew I was in for some 'reaming' etc, to make things work.

Since you've most likely read a bunch of the thread, ya already know my thoughts and plans no doubt.

I am going to "wring out" the G29 KKM tomorrow with a number of loads and bullet weights and powders, and see how well he is in the feeding and accuray depat. If he passes the test, then I will just leave him in the gun, and do as I said above to the other guys. I'll just have Dan at LW take my Dummy loaded 1.260 200gr BT WFNGC, and make it work in a new barrel and check A to Z for me, and then I will have a different crown put on it, and be good to go with an AM for 'all cast shooting' in the G20.

Again, always got the OEM G20 as well, which at 100yds with a good Jacketed bullet takes Texas deer, and pops clay pigeons ! Can't find fault there my friend.

Man I don't know if we can allow you in our elite club of those who have AM barrels that won't/would not shoot HC bullets..

ALL yours work ! haha. Buy a new one in a different brand and see if you can join our ranks of misfits and barrel reamers !

Hey amigo, glad that all yours came through for ya...

Thanks Nick !
I'll let ya'll know how all the max and a tad over max loads worked out in the morning, with the KKM in the G29..

Will be shooting short range 25 yds, to long range 100yds, for serious accuracy. And then playing at Blanco Canyon behind the house here, at out to 300 yds on caliche rocks up against a giant red clay canyon wall for grins to see what it will do. You KNOW when you hit them, it is like an exploding sack of flour ! haha.

180gr XTP's with 10.1grs 800X.
180grs XTP's with 10.7grs Blue Dot.
180gr XTP's with 9.5grs Long Shot.
200gr XTP's with 9.2grs Long Shot.
200gr XTP's with 10.5grs Blue Dot

I double checked all these before I typed them this time..

One of the favorite places here on the ranch for shooting out to 600 yds. A very "Humbling place..." haha.

10mm Reloading Forum

So, we will see tomorrow, If it don't rain, (and I really hope it does) we need it, and forgot what it looked like ha. And will let y'all know.

Stay safe amigo Nick !

Buenos Tardes'

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