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Originally Posted by WeeWilly View Post
I have a few KKM barrels. One has so little freebore, I litterally can't load any of my cast loads. To get cast to work in that barrel my OAL's are ridiculous. Another one of my KKM barrels came with so much freebore, I can load just about anything, as long as I want, similar to a stock barrel.

I believe KKM will make the barrel anyway you want. It seems the defaults are the lands pretty close to the chamber and a throat right at the bottom SAAMI spec. I think the barrel I got that has all the freebore maybe was one they cut for someone that ended up not getting shipped. Guess which one of my KKM barrelks gets the most use?
Yep, and yep..

Well, I am sure finding out here in this thread, that I am not the only one with this "no HC" problem... ha.

I hear ya on the 'very short' COAL. Man I just cannot run down to 1.240 with my particular loading and 200gr HC without creating a nuclear bomb ! haha

All this stuff can be fixed easily with do it yourself, as we have talked about here with a few other guys on this thread, or just take my lazy way out.. Actually I am just not wanting to mess with my already good shooter LW.

Ordering another LW the way 'I want it' is a time saver for me, for only 125.00, I think it is. I really don't need to do that either, as the OEM in the G20 is an excellent shooter at about any range I've tried it on out out here in the canyons.

Well, I am sorry for the old boy that did not get his barrel from KKM, but glad you got it ! haha. Enjoy it amigo !

Thanks man!
Stay safe WW !

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