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Originally Posted by Any Cal. View Post
My LW barrel is one of the better supported ones as well, and I had to open up the chamber to make it run hardcast well. I did it with a fired case like Yondering said, and then some sandpaper on a dowel to polish, and it works fine now. The idea of keeping one for jacketed is good, but the new one you get may have really poor case support, which would sort of defeat the purpose of buying a new barrel...

I preferred the factory barrel originally, but having an extended length that feeds anything and adds a bit of fps is pretty tough to beat.

Yep, like you, I got a really tight fit in the entire chamber area, and as I (think i said) also in the six 'o clock area as well, but it feeds excellent !

You and Yondering, (as I told him above) are 'correct' in the fact that I can "fix" the issue easily. But (see post above) in 'this case', as long as I send in a sized case and dummy HC load to LW, (which I already talked to them about all this) he will see to it I get a good fit and all will be well for the HC the way I have described what I want to him.

As I told Yodering, all this gets to complicated and it just ain't fun any more ! haha.

I'll let ya know how the 'new one" turns out for the HC. I am sure it will be fine, especially sending in my sized case and dummy HC round. Just don't want to mess with the LW I 'already have', as it is as close to perfect as I've seen in a long time in a semi auto barrel. (with the jacketed stuff).

My real issue here, is just findng out after all this time, that these AM barrels are not geared for the type of HC we seem to like and shoot. I must admit, that my reason is I have never been interested in them, (AM's) and always used OEM with outstanding results. I ordered the LW for the G20, (as described above to Yondering) 'my way' with some things I wanted done, waaay back, and just never messed with it to much except a few times here and there with jacketed stuff.
But amigo, it shoots to good to mess with at this point !

Glad you got one as well with a really snug fit.. Keep it ! I'll let y'all know how the 'HC only' one turns out.

Thanks Any Cal !
Stay safe amigo !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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