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Originally Posted by Yondering View Post
Yep, either a short/tight throat, or just the chamber is too tight for cast bullets. My LW barrel was that way; it wouldn't take .401" cast bullets with most brass. I lapped the chamber using a couple pieces of fired brass, no issues now. You only need to remove a couple thousandths, so it's an easy job.

I firelapped mine too, to open up the throat a bit. The LW rifling needs some smoothing anyway. CM, being a sixgun guy, I assume you're familiar with firelapping, using your cast bullets? You'll have to open up the chamber first, of course.

Yep, Like I just replied to Shadow, the throat area is just to tight for the .401, and the 'Ogive' of that fat WFN bullet.

No problem on a "do it yourself fix." In my situation, I have 'no real need' for the HC in the G29 KKM. If so, it has done well with the OEM also. So, I will just leave it alone, and shoot it with the KKM in it 'as is' with jacketed stuff, or pop the OEM back in for HC. (which would be "pretty rare", cause I would just use the G20 if I want to shoot HC).

As for the G20 LW barrel I've had here for a long time, well, as I said, I 'just now' am discovering it doesn't like the HC.

Truly just have not messed with it that much, except to know that with the jacketed stuff it is a tack driver even at very long range, and at 100yds a real winner in the accuracy department, so if it ain't broke........

I got to much going on at present out here to really mess with it right now, and although it is no big deal, it will be 'one more thing' I don't have to do at present. HaHa..

I really rather just keep my present LW as is, since it is "one" in 'Lord knows how many' that shoots so dang well in every area with jacketed stuff. See I had it hand picked, and the barrel crowed 'the way I wanted it' long ago, and had some other things I wanted my way with it, and they did a great job at LW and man this puppy really is a keeper. So we'll leave him alone.. Ha. (I just did not figure 'at that time' about it 'not going to like' the .401 HC)

I'm like you in the fact that I'd rather do it myself.. ha. But at present, all I can pass off on someone else to do, I will ! ha. Just got to many irons in the fire out here pard.

Thus the reason to just allow my bud at LW to pick me out a good one with me sending in a few of my resized cases/dummy HC loads, and let him ream it and send it to me for a HC only barrel... Simple way out for me here. I don't use them enough any way to warrant any futher work or attention. If they'll hit clay pigeons at 100yds, that works for me.

Fire lapping... ? Yes sir ! You learn about that and throat diameter/s, and forcing cone angle and distance to cylinder, when ya pick up your first hog leg, "if your a serious pistolero."

This little senerio of mine here, does't really have need of any of that, and I am sitting pretty with everything in the accuracy department, so I will just take my lesson's learned in all this, and go on. Namely. I did not need an AM barrel ! Ha. Although the G20 LW "I have now," does have the edge over the OEM in the jacketed dept, I can still use the G20 OEM in the HC dept, and it is a very good shooter.

This gets to compilcated, and it ain't fun any more ! haha.

Thanks amigo !
Good shooting.

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