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Originally Posted by Meathead9 View Post
My LWD barrel didn't like 200gr WFNGC's out past 1.25", but I sent it back and it feeds them @ 1.26" flawlessly now. The only time I ever had a problem where the cases were sticking out that far, was when LWD sent me a Blindmarked (and mismarked) 10-40 barrel that should have been just a regular 10mm barrel.

Wow ! "mismarked" ain't good ! Well, I loaded some BT WFNGC Dummy rounds up today while I had a few seconds, and even at 1.270 (that is a stretch) for grins, it went right on in the OEM G20.

I have to drop down all the way to 1.240 to barely get a good "plop" into the chamber on the LW and the KKM. I cannot deal with that COAL and my current loading without building up waaaaay to much pressure.

According to LW (talking to a friend of mine there) They were freaked out that I am having NO feed problems (with jacketed bullets) of any kind size weight or shape, up to 200grs in my LW barrel as tight as 'this' particular chamber is. The LW is waaaay tighter than the KKM. Man I am talking really weird tight, and almost not a speck of six o' clock exposed... Really tight. Yet never a problem with hot jacketed stuff.

It is one of the older LW's. The newer ones have had the chambers opened 'ever so slightly', like KKM told me 'they did' also, for better feeding/relibility, and especially (said KKM) for those who want to conceal carry with their barrel and not worry about reliablity issues. I do believe this, as there is a world of difference in the LW "I have" for the G20 and the KKM in case support and chamber fit... I do NOT have one of the newer LW's (obviously).

I have decided that since my LW shoots so dang good with all manner of jacketed bullets, I will just send LW a dummy round for my 200 gr BT load at 1.260 ( I can live with that) and buy another barrel from them, and have them ream it to work with the HC.. That way nothing will/might /could/ go south with the one I got now that shoots and feeds perfectly and is extremely accurate.

I knew I would have to have reaming done at the outset. I just wrote this thread to ask how many others are having the same problem, since all I seem to hear is how folks are shooting DT, BT, nd other WFN 'hand loads especially,' through these barrels with out a hitch. Unless they are seating them down to 1.240 or less.. That is just to deep IMO for a 200gr bullet that is loaded for hunting or loaded hot.

Well MH, I thank ya amigo for the reply, and glad you got things taken care of there with your barrel. I wish I would have just left everything alone, and not got on the AM benge, as I was doing fine all these years with the OEM..

Well, get an itch and ya scratch it I reckon ! haha.

Good shooting
Stay safe pard.

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