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Originally Posted by dm1906 View Post
Hey, CM. Welcome back!

Hey amigo, Thank you very much for the welcome back, The kind words and post on the other thread of Nick's, and the info here...

Yeh, as I said, I knew I was going to have one of them "reamed." I just 'did not know' that they were making them this way, as I always use OEM with really great results on all my cast loadings.. So "I knew the solution", but did not know if it was just "ME" getting the Luck of the draw barrels that would not have the chamber length I needed, or if ALL of them were cut this way... ha.

Well, as you said, "I am special..." Ha Ha ! Well said !

Well, then here is the plan. #1. Learn to stay with my convictions. ( I should not have bought an AM barrel) Ha.

#2.. Ask before I buy !

#3.. Let LW ream the barrel to work with my "pet load" BT 200gr bullet, I load at 1.260/1.263 'to be real specific', for my best (OEM) results at 1300fps. And leave the KKM alone since it does handle the 200gr XTP's and all copper jacketed stuff real well in the G29. There. All fixed.

#4.. Continue to use my "old faithful' OEM in the G20 which has an unusually tight chmaber and leaves very little hog belly (buldge) on the brass which my .1K under Size die wipes right out. Been shooting them from this for a loooong time and NO problems at all.

Only really use it (G20) as a "saddle bag" back up gun out here on the ranch, with the mags loaded with the 200gr BT, and some times when in the mood a deer or somethin. I wanted to toss the little G29 in the truck with the several other guns... haha, just to have it there if I wanted it for some ctritter runing across the place, or for an ocasional 'take to town ' gun.

Well amigo, thanks. I just did not know they were making them like this. I hear sooo very many folks on here saying they shoot HC bullets like BB, and hand loads like BT and etc, through their AM barrels, so I figured it was all good to go and I'd give it a try.

I had an AM LW waaaay back some time ago, and I guess i never shot the HC through it. Got rid of it, and then later on, again, bought the "present" LW stock length, and 'the other day' bought the KKM, and have not really played with it much except for jacketd stuff, then yesterday tried my HC hand loads and 1/4 of the case sticking out the chambers on both, but ploped right down into the OEM's ! haha.

Just wondered 'HOW everyone else was getting away with this' I reckon was the reason for the post.

Well, we'll ream the LW, leave the KKM alone and just shoot Jacketed bullets from it in the G29, and carry on!

Thanks dm1906 !
Stay safe my friend !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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