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Originally Posted by CanyonMan View Post
Well, Things I should be doing, but I need a break here for a few minutes, so...

All the years I have shot glocks, (especially 10mm's) I have always used the stock barrel for my 200gr hard cast bullet from BT. I have had nothing but excellent results from these OEM barrels, and excellent accuracy even out at very long "play time" range, and very good hunting accuracy at 100yds. for deer (when needed). No problems except the Glock hog belly (swelled case) at 6'oclock.

Well, I already have a stock length LW and the other day, (as some of you know), I orderd a KKM for the G29 stock length, just for grins, as I 'am not' a AM barrel fan. But I did any way.

Ok, My 200gr BT WFNGC seated at "any where" between 1.250 to 1.265/.68 'will NOT' go in the chamber all the way.

3/4 of the case is sticking out of the chamber.

For those who do not know may loading habits, let me just for time sake say that, the cases go through the RCBS sizer die that is .1K under size and takes all the swell out, then a slight flare at the case mouth so small it is almost not there. Then the powder and bullet seating to MY COAL, and then run through the Lee FCD. (the last step I can take or leave) I have had good results with it on some cartriges so I use it at times..

Now, the OEM's shoot these like a machine gun.. Bam Bam Bam. NEVER once a problem.

I step out yesterday with the NEW KKM and notice they ALL stick out the chamber. Same on the LW as well...

Let me say this... ALL these cases were Brand NEW brass from WW, and from DT nickle plated brass, ALL new , nfires, and still resized as per above... NO Previous Glock fired cases were used......

Now all I hear from those on GT is how they are shooting BB and and other factory HC bullets with a WFN, and shooting their own handloads as well with a WFN, including BT, and and through KKM's and LW's.

Even McNett in his older post, test these types of bullets through KKM/LW and shoots his own HC through them as well, as do some of you...

Not in my KKM or LW. No way. Won't fit.

I would have to seat that bullet to almost 1.240 or less to get it to "plop" in, this of course has destroyed my pet loads of 14 years, as I have no more case space to load my fav's.


Let's hear how you guys are gettng thes bullets to seat all the way in your chamber, and shoot !

No, it is NOT my hand loading practice's so we can leave that one out. HA ! It is how ever, in these two barrels, the fact that where the case mouth seats in the chamber against the chamber rim/stop ring, this space (chamber) is not 'long enough' to allow MY loads to fit, until I get down to 1.240 and that is just to short, and has no place in my loadings to be of use to get my vels from my OEM usual of 1.260 to 1.268. 1300fps with my recipie.

OK, stories, thoughts, how comes, why's, what is YOUR experience, and especially any one that has a "RECENT" KKM/LW purchace, and is able to shoot a WFNGC hand load, or a factory BB 'and it seats perfectly' in your chamber...

I know I can send them both back to KKM/LW and have them reamed back, as I spent much phone time with both of them yesterday, and KNEW this was what they would have to do in order to fix the problem, BUT, should not have been this way in the first place... NOT A RANT here.. I like all the folks at both places, and have a very good friend at LW (personal friend), so 'NO Rants', just want to know what y'alls experiences with this are !

Man, what a week here !

There ya go !

Thanks !

The DT round of the same bullet seats them to 1.243", for this reason. The BT 200 gr. WFNGC bullet has a wide meplat, and a fat radius ogive, which is the problem in aftermarket chambers. The barrels were not originally designed to shoot this bullet at full length. The only options that remain are, shorten the cartridge, ream the barrel(s), or choose another bullet (in no specific order). The barrel mfg's produce a chamber that will suit 99% of their market. You are the 1% (you're special). This goes to prove, try as you might, you just can't please everyone. If it were me, and I were really stuck on that round, I'd have one, or both barrels (not at the same time) reamed, and move along, fat, dumb and happy.
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