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Hello Forum newbie from Connecticut


Been shooting for some time. Since about 18yrs old. I recently became a GSSF member. I am an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and will be going to a Glock Armorers course in September.

Mostly been shooting S&W/Sig but I have Glock 17/19 and just ordered a G34 and hoping to use it for various competition. I am also looking at a used 17C that I am currently bidding on.

Its the competitive portions of the sport that I enjoy the most. Anyway, I will not pretend to be a Glock expert and signed up here in hopes of learning as much as I can.

I am not a super fan of any one brand because I believe they all have pluses and minuses and some models are better than others. For example, I cannot wait to try the 17C in comparison to the Arsenal Firearms Strike Pistol SyStem due in October. So, in general I am gun enthusiast and general fan more than anything else.

Thanks, hope to meet some of you guys at the various water coolers around here.

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