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I'm sure there's folks who think diecast 9mms are superior because they shoot a bullet and can be had for less than $200. You buy furniture that's built out of pressboard that looks like hardwood. Is it equal? To some, the difference in cost is worth it. The final decision for me was that my Mrs could operate it easier and more efficiently than anything else she had in her hand. The status symbol issue is only as real as one allows it to be. There was an auto manufacturer that built cars uner the name "Packard" who's slogan was simply "Ask the man who owns one". A superior product in it's time and a slogan that said it all. I know that old product intimately and would place the H&K right there with it. And yes, there was indeed a difference in a Packard vs anything else available at the time. I've been through their best products from the inside out over the last 30yrs. There's a reason you could buy several Fords for the price of one Packard. It didn't matter to everyone, it does to me. Status has nothing to do with it.
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