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Are Hks really superior? No, but they are in the minds of folks who succumbed to the hype. Marketing..... Would you pay 900 for a glock because their employees are german and are paid more? I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read some of the ops reasoning....

Harley Davidson set a new standard with their
marketing, and HK is following suit, albeit with a better product than HD. With a Harley, you could spend a third as much for something that rode better, braked better, accelerated better, performed in every way better, as well as last much longer. Harleys became a status symbol, and lost the purpose of the item they were selling for a number of years, and nearly went away, until they made some serious changes. BUT, they had a VERY devout following. HK has a very good product, and uses a similar marketing strategy that is working. The folks who buy them, have bought the hype, and 'feel' or 'think' they are superior, when they may not be. I have had Hks over the years, and have seen the hype grow. Fortunately, HK has not gone the way HD did, and stick with designs that were flawed, ala heat issues, etc.... An Hk is a great pistol, but superior? They are not worse, by any means, but superior is a bit more personal opinions, not necessarily reality.

The marketing hype has worked, you can see the devout followers defending their purchases......

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