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I'm at best a casual (yet very capable) shooter and have a P2000 in 9mm for self defense. All I can add is when you fire it you know what you paid for. I've fired a 9mm Beretta FS, a Beretta 950 in .25cal, and a gennie WWII .45 1911. Out of those the 1911 was a "hot rod" gun but very capable in my hand, the 25 was fun, practical, and more accurate than I expected, and the FS would jam if I didn't hold it with a death grip (poor condition firearm). The P2000 was a Bentley more than a BMW as far as I'm concerned. For the record it cost $120 more than the Glock I was looking at. Some of you seem very "in to" your firearms and I can understand it, I simply haven't had the luxury or time to become an absolute maven. 2 very accomplished gun folks I know well bought the same thing, one after simply holding it. I'm satisfied, have ZERO regrets, and could easily get away with much less for our purposes.
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