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Originally Posted by Gellorock View Post
Hey guys,

I just bought an EMP in 9mm. The guy I bought it from said he put maybe 400 rounds through it. I called Springfield with the serial # and they told me its production date was January 2012.

Anyway, I took it to the range today and shot 200 rounds through it. I love the gun, everything went well but I had two issues:

1- the slide failed to lock back twice on the empty mag. After shooting the last round. It happened with 2 different factory mags.

2- I had 2 failures to fire. I re-cocked the hammer and the round fired on the second try. This happened twice with Winchester white box ammo.

Do you think these issues will go away with more shooting or is there anything I need to tweak to fix them.

Appreciate the help!
Congrats on the new gun! Those springfields sure are nice!

1.) Is there any chance that your thumb was resting on the slide stop lever?

2.) I would guess that this issue has to do with the ammo, not the gun. Could have been hard primers. WWB is good range ammo, but it isn't known for it's superior quality. It's good for the price.

Go out and shoot it again!
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